Spicy February Combo 🔥🌶🥩

Product image 1Spicy February Combo 🔥🌶🥩
Product image 2Spicy February Combo 🔥🌶🥩
Product image 3Spicy February Combo 🔥🌶🥩
Product image 4Spicy February Combo 🔥🌶🥩
Product image 5Spicy February Combo 🔥🌶🥩
Product image 6Spicy February Combo 🔥🌶🥩

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Take a bite out of your February and get ready for a spicy Valentines Day or just to keep you warm all month long! 
Mmmm smells like a 🌶 collab!

Spice it up with Meat Chops + Deadly Dans Hot Sauce OR a BBQ Sauce 🔥🥩 

Here are the deets;

Smoked meats + bonus spicy treats!

1 x Meat Chops Beef Jerky (naturally wood smoked beef strips) 

1 x Meat Chops Beef Chunks (hunks of beef with cracked black pepper to boot) 

1 x Meat Chops Bison Bites (soft bison chews with cracked pepper)

PLUS BONUS Burning Berry HOT SAUCE crafted using Saskatoon Berrie  OR a BOLD Q BBQ SAUCE for a smokin heat date night! 

All crafted in the Paris of the Prairies ❤️ 


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